Friday Saturday Question #11

  Have you ever tried to fasten your seatbelt and realized you were in an ordinary chair?  

Things I Learned from Movies, Police Chiefs

All police chiefs are balding, pudgy, African-American mustachioed men, 50 years-old with hair-trigger tempers. Police Chiefs are magical creatures that can only be summoned into one of three sacred shrines: a detective’s office, behind the interrogation glass and the office water cooler. They have not homes, nor spouses nor lives outside of the force. Appease […]

Caption Time #284

Typical day in San Francisco

How to Perplex Waitstaff

Last night, Chris Brogan, Amber Naslund, Lizz and myself were at one of those social media speaker suck-up dinners. We found the following ways to amuse ourselves during an otherwise stiff uneventful dinner party. After they remove the salad plates, hide all flatware, placemats and napkins. Look longingly at the other place settings. After receiving […]

No drunk texting, please

Everyone has that drunk friend. You know the one. Great person until alcohol has been imbibed. And everyone has a different reaction to alcohol. I’m Irish. I hate to stereotype my ancestors, but goddamn can we put it away! I never believed I could drink a lot until I started noticing that all my friends […]

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