Best New Top Level Domain Names

Ever since ICANN allowed companies to create new top-level domains (TLDs) such as .Pepsi or .duckface (at the staggering cost of US$185,000 + US$25,000 for annual upkeep), I thought it would be fun to come up with some suggestions for corporations to buy.

  1. www.www.www
  2. notguilty.oj
  4. polka.bikini
  8. bigthreeautos.suck
  9. america.fat
  10. Kanye.ego
  11. MileyCyrus.trainwreck
  12. ancient-history.madonna

Which ones did I miss?

More People We Dislike #24

  1. Brake tappers.
  2. Coffee drinkers who put perform an ongoing series of sugar modifications to their drinks, as if testing them for glucose tolerance.
  3. Couples in matching sweaters.
  4. Joggers who actually just walk, but pretend to run as soon as another pedestrian approaches, then promptly resume trudging along as soon as they pass them.
  5. Customers in restaurants who make so many substitutions to an item, that it becomes an entirely different menu item, but when this is pointed out to them, will argue that their substitutions are clearly superior.
  6. Businesspeople who think spinning text in their Powerpoint presentations makes them edgy. And worse, that it improves the presentation. Sorry, but until Powerpointless becomes SecondLife, it ain’t gonna be entertaining. At all. Just stop before Edward Tufte head butts you.
  7. People who refuse to drink draft Guinness in the US because it was, “so much better in Ireland, that I can barely tolerate it here,” but then proceed to drink cat-piss like Coors or Miller.
  8. The coworker who sings to herself all day. Loudly.
  9. The person who just took the last whatever-it-is-you-desperately-needed right in front of you.
  10. Kanye West

Who do you dislike this week?