Bigfoot will invest in your pyramid scheme

Bigfoot will invest in your pyramid scheme

Love this! Each State’s Most Embarrassing Google Searches.

My state of Michigan’s searches were:
MICHIGAN: Bigfoot evidence / pyramid scheme / Little Caesars (pizza chain) / Lou Bega—Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of)

Analysis: If you can lure Bigfoot out of the woods with pizza and catchy songs you can probably convince him to invest in your pyramid scheme.

Curious what type of searches I’ll get after posting this.

Google has some interesting autofill suggestions

Ever noticed how Google will start to autofill suggestions as you type? This can lead to some pretty weird suggestions (which means all of us are typing in some really weird things numerous times). This is what I got by typing in “what are these s” and waiting for it to suggest something.


Some other fun ones to try:

  1. what are these p; 4th result is, “What are these purple boxes in trees?”
  2. what are these t; 6th result is, “What are these things on my face?”
  3. why did you a; 3rd result is, “Why did you apply methylene blue to the slide with your cheek cells?”
  4. why did you p; 5th result is, “Why did you plaster over the hole I punched in the door?” (Bare Naked Ladies lyric?), 7th result is, “Why did you pour ink on my head?”
  5. why did you t; 7th result is, “Why did you think a giant bubble?”
  6. why did you s; 1st result is, “Why did you stop at a red light and let me hit you doing 80?”

Blogging Tips for Beginners

A lot of people write me and ask me how to make their blog as ground-shakingly popular like this one. Are there any magic formulas for winning blog content? You bet there are! Here are some simple Google searches to perform that will give you content for years to come. Simply combine two words that are not normally seen in close proximity to one another, enter into Google Images and the search results will give you the basis for many meaningful, influential posts! One exception: Pants may be combined with any other word.

  1. awesome unicorn
  2. squirrel workout
  3. uncomfortable pants [MNSFW]
  4. bacon explosion
  5. origami platypus
  6. executive pterodactyl
  7. fish pedicure
  8. happy pants
  9. mysterious knees
  10. What search terms would you look up?