13 Replies to “Really? Also, um OWWWW!”

  1. There is just soooooo much wrong with that video, the “talent” that went into the execution and production, etc., will someone please just flush !!! :wtf:
    ….. and for the love of God, make sure everything goes down this time !! :puke:

  2. I’m more impressed by the kid with the perfect aim. He should be playing AA ball at least. 😀

  3. Why on earth, or more precisely, how did they come up with an idea to catch a laptop with your arse?

    Apart from from that, it was bloody well done and I’d give it a 9.8 out of 10! 😉 😆

  4. [quote comment=”635954″]So that’s what was ment by ” Intel Inside”.[/quote]

    Hey, what can I say? Russ has already brilliantly summarized the thin aspect of this laptop….well done!!!

  5. OK where did they get all the laptops?
    The catcher would be a sure fire hit at the gay pride parade

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