19 Replies to “Haters gonna hate”

  1. [quote comment=”631328″]Damn, this was supposed to post at midnight. Sorry about that! :oops:[/quote]

    The wee-bitching hour would have been more appropriate.

  2. See, this is why the gene pool should be thoroughly chlorinated and THEN FLUSHED !!!!! :puke:

  3. My Big Fat Greek Gay Uncle, with color-coordinated hat, Harley and butt floss! GROSS! 🙁

  4. Grandpa? Time to get you back to the home and heavily medicated so you can’t escape again. ❓

  5. hey why didnt you warn us to get the eye bleach ready ahead of time now i cant see to find it

  6. Is that a very wierd, very ugly, half-naked dude…or a VERY wierd, very ugly, half-naked chick? 😯

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