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  1. Winner of the London Tube Station Fancy Dress challenge: King Crustacean (King’s Cross Station)

  2. Yet another mean thing to tell a third grader: If you have sex and get crabs, you’ll turn into one. :wtf:

  3. “Do’oh, Spongebob, I think Crusty has been putting too much crab in his Crabby Patties”.

    “Yeah, yeah I know it just swallowed a kid. Shut up and help me get that big bastard into this pot. And then go get all the lemons you can find. We are gonna feast tonight”.

  4. “Jenny wasn’t in a very giving mood and was being quite shellfish that day”

  5. After repeatedly getting caught using boats and makeshift rafts, the Cubanez family decides to test out a slightly different method to sneak into the U.S…

  6. For years, little Jenny’s shrink tried to get her to come out of her shell…

  7. [Comment ID #301166 will appear here]

    LOL! Good one, I almost spewed.. 😛

  8. I told you to stay out of the dumpster at Red Lobster, Selena! 😕 :wtf: 😳

  9. Next week, on “Deadliest Catch”: The crew of the Northwestern pull their traps out of the Bering Strait and they all come back empty…except one! Sig Hansen: “Size DOES matter!

  10. Little Emily wasn’t too worried aboput how crabby she had become. Her concern started when her parents offered to draw her a bath. She knew it was trouble when the tub was full of melted butter.

  11. Despite her daughters cries to stop trick or treating for the night, the mother pushes her on, her secret agenda becoming known. MORE CHOCOLATE, I MUST HAVE MORE CHOCOLATE. :wtf:

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