30 Replies to “Captiontime #227”


    You just hold the tail………

    I prefer my pussy shaven, or nearly so… :wang:

  2. Wet pussy and dry tail ….. an oxymoron, this could be for the birds. 😆 :wtf:

  3. …just a little bit, thees iz all I want, joo have enuff to share… just a little bit.

  4. Not realizing this would be the last time they ever spoke, Heckyl eagerly watched his best friend Jeckyl make good on his double-cat dare.

  5. now fluffy, seven for us then you can go. deal is seven or we are eating you……

  6. No, Verne – ya gotta lookat dis. He gotta spot on his ass the shape O Illinois. I say he sell him on e-bay….

  7. REACH, THROW, ROW, TOW, GO, GRAB IT WITH YOUR BEAK! in that order stoopid cat savin’ magpie mo fo.

  8. Jake & Elwood Magpie show Patches how to shake his tailfeather.

    Is it just me or does the black patch on the cat’s back look like Dumbo? Maybe the birds saw it too and are going to sell him on ebay.

  9. it could be dumbo……like it’s trunk might have just painted a picture of the cat under the real cat in the water…….i’d have to see more of the other side of the cat/dumbo to know it’s not a human that did the water colour before i can fully commit to my belief……. :dead:

  10. The birds from the Windex commercial dupe another one. “Yeah cat, just lean in. We won’t push you.” 😛

  11. To quote a certain cartoon:

    PUSSYCAT: I’m so hungry I could eat a (looking at Woody’s mailbox) a WOODPECKER!

  12. “Hey, Myrtle, watch me make this cat learn to swim!” 🙄 😳 :wang: :thong:

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