New Scents for Yankee Candles

If Yankee Candles actually smelled like things from the Northern US, the candle scents would change up a bit. Brown Snowdrift Hoboken Hobo Leftover Pizza in the Fridge Warm IPA Overpriced, Overly-Sweet Cocktail that Looked Good in the Menu, But Wasn’t  Women’s’ Room After a Concert Crushed Black Fly Lacrosse Coach Middle-Eastern Man’s Cologne Air […]

It was 20 years ago today…

Twenty years ago today, I quietly launched this little humor blog called Davezilla. It’s now one of the longest running humor blogs on Earth (if not the longest). One thing I am incredibly proud of is the amazing folks I have met through this site. Heroes (to me) like Jeffrey Zeldman, Heather Champ, Jesse James […]